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Food and Farm Council of Riley County and City of Manhattan

Community Action Teams

More than 50 partners are involved in Circle of Concern Community Action Teams (CATs) to help us meet our goals. CATs work on:

  1. Food Insecurity

  2. Food Waste

  3. Education

Interested in volunteering to help a CAT? 


Community Action Teams

Food Insecurity

The Food Insecurity CAT works to coordinate Blessing Boxes in the county, create solutions to get food to people and to lower barriers of getting people to food, and advocate for equity and culturally appropriate food for all. We need volunteers to build and stock Blessing Boxes, volunteer for food runs with Flint Hills Food recovery, volunteer for the Downtown Farmers Market of Manhattan Ambassador program and help communications to the public for better awareness of food distribution opportunities.

Food Waste

The Waste Reduction CAT focuses on food recycling and composting education, glass and food packaging recycling, and centrally located composting space. We need help with public education programming, volunteers for recycling pickup and ideas for reducing landfill waste.


The Education CAT focuses on cooking and food skills education for youth, seniors and families and coordinating the Kitchen Restore program that provides kitchenware starter kits to households in need. We need people to help plan and implement educational programming, sort and package kitchenware kits and volunteer at our kids Power of Produce Summer program.

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